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The Upsides of Rightsizing

If you are looking to “rightsize” your retirement, moving to a senior living community offers benefits you just can’t get if your only focus is finding an apartment with maximum

The Holidays: A Great Time to Assess a Loved Ones Need for Assisted Living

The holidays are fast approaching, which provides an opportunity to ensure a loved one’s health and safety, and to check on the potential need for additional assistance or care. Visiting

Why We Should Honor and Support Our Veterans

Annually on November 11, we honor the military veterans who served in the United States armed forces.  Veterans in general, but especially senior veterans, have so much to share, beyond

Live Life to the Fullest by Embracing Aging

While most of us think of youth as life’s most carefree time, the Gallup Global Emotions poll published in 2019 found that as those surveyed got older, they also reported

What Exactly Does Assisted Living Mean?

At senior living communities like Emerald Square, assisted living services provide residents with lifestyle options designed to help them thrive independently while giving them access to safe, comfortable surroundings, a

Respite Care: A Necessary Part of Senior Caregiving

For caregivers of older adults, taking a break from time to time is critical to avoid becoming overly exhausted and stressed, which can affect your personal health and ability to


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